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May 30, 2021

We start with another big cannabis acquisition move, a story on non-compliant promotions, a look at industry concerns over the proposed vape flavour restrictions, and a stop on Cultivar Corner for Candy Rain BLNT from blkmkt.

May 16, 2021

I take a brief look at the very rare Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, I talk with Sheri and Jeff Aubin about their journey to the legal market as owners of Smoker Farms, on Cultivar Corner some very sticky Acai Berry Gelato from Dunn and a terpene flavour review.

May 2, 2021

I talk with Taser Wraye and Ryan Murray about Cannabis Defender – waiting to help protect your next cannabis grow, a quick Cultivar Corner with Wana Quick gummies, a BC bust that shows illicit cannabis is still big and I serve some green pancakes to my parents.