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Nov 29, 2021

We mark the end of three years talking about cannabis, have a story on a cannabis company stepping up in BC’s recent floods, studies confirm cannabis is not a gateway drug, big news in BC retail, some shout outs to supporters, we replay a few Hot Seat segments from the last few years and on Cultivar...

Nov 15, 2021

I jump back on the stigma bandwagon and see first hand how not to do edibles, an armed robbery at a cannabis store in the Okanagan, a gloomy outlook for BC retailers, Organnicraft’s Platinum Grapes on Cultivar Corner, cannabis consumers care about price and I introduce a way you can help build the podcast by buying me...

Oct 31, 2021

This episode we reveal the difference between THC and THCA, the delightful taste and creation of Terp Sauce, an investigation reveals questionable CBD in the market, an extravagant Caviar Cone is our focus on Cultivar Corner and we share a story about finding like minded people at work, before legalization. 

Oct 17, 2021

We celebrate 3 years of Legal cannabis in Canada, cannabis retailers in BC call for the Solicitor General's resignation, a weird campaign on the socials for the Ontario Cannabis store,  New Brunswick grades illicit weed with a big fat F and on cultivar corner we taste Smoker Farms Master Kush Ultra plus we’ll share...

Oct 3, 2021

We look at the ridiculous excise tax that is killing craft cannabis, the WOW factor increases for cannabis gifts this Christmas, a BC grower has some ambitious product plans, a deep study reveals vast differences between illicit and legal cannabis and on Cultivar Corner  Ogen Gas Berries #112.